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About Sarah D. Skogland

Horses have been a passion of mine since I could walk and I am very fortunate that my passion has become my career!  Managing and working in many different barns over 20 years, I have gained a wealth of knowledge only acquired from decades of hands on work, with hundreds of horses, working for top professionals including dressage Olympians, top horsemen and women as well as equine behaviorists.


Working with horses is a life long dedication to education and I continue my education attending regular clinics and educational seminars.  I am very grateful for the support of my clients throughout the years and will continue to work towards excellence in and out of the saddle. 


I enjoy sharing my knowledge teaching passionate equestrians who seek an education and guidance with their horses and riding, whether it is sitting in the saddle for the very first time, or providing an astute assessment of horse and rider with more advanced abilities.  Dressage is a highly technical sport and is the essential foundation for all riding.  I genuinely enjoy helping all riders navigate the complexities of riding to find more confidence and joy in and out of the saddle.  

My journey with horses continues to provide me with confidence, discipline and profound joy.  I continue to pursue excellence in my riding and education and continue to dedicate my time and efforts helping horses and riders develop to their full potential.  There is nothing more rewarding in life than pursuing your passion and, equally, being able to share that knowledge and passion with others.

Happy riding!

Sarah D Skogland

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