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What clients have to say

"Sarah has coached my daughter since she was 9, she is so good at applying her knowledge in such a way that the student understands.  If the first approach doesn't work she adjusts her lesson plan so that the rider and the horse become successful at the task.  The health and welfare of both the rider and the horse are very important to Sarah.  She is organized, encouraging, kind, and understanding.  She really wants the best for the rider and her horse."  Monja Jespersen

"I have known Sarah since June of 2018, when she started coaching me in dressage at my training barn in Revelstoke, BC.  In my almost 4 years of working with Sarah I have found that she is an extremely professional and knowledgeable coach.


Sarah possesses many of the traits that I believe make her a top dressage coach.  SHe can work with students of all ages and abilities, from young children just beginning their equestrian journey, to intermediate level adult amateurs, to other professional riders seeking a keen eye from the ground.  She is an excellent communicator; she can see a rider's (and horse's) abilities and weaknesses and is able to present a challenge that can be met in that lesson.  She clearly communicates to her students the tools to systematically achieve that goal.  By breaking down a complex task into more basic components, the rider can accomplish the exercise in a step-by-step manner.  Sarah is always positive and is a great motivator; she encourages her students to believe that they can succeed, whether it is learning a new exercise in a lesson or nailing their dressage test at a show.  She has been essential to the success that my horses and I have achieved at dressage competitions, including helping me achieve my national silver award for my competition results at 2nd level in 2019.

Sarah is a gifted horsewoman.  Not only is she an accomplished coach, she is an incredibly patient and effective rider and trainer as well.  She is very knowledgeable in many aspects of equine management and performance and takes a serious interest in continuing to learn as much as she can to become even better at her craft.  She is constantly working to further her education whether it's reading books and articles, watching videos online, auditing or participating in clinics, or watching other top riders in the warm up or show rings.  She takes her work very seriously and shows and honest commitment to improving every horse and rider with who9m she comes into contact.

Sarah is both diligent and patient with each student and horse she works with, trying her hardest to understand how the combination of the rider's background and personality work together with the horse's conditioning, breeding and conformation to affect their current abilities and how she can unlock their greater potential.  I have always found her easy to talk to when i need advice or a second opinion about a horse management issue, a training stumbling block, or just need someone to listen.  She is always straightforward and honest with me, respectful and generous with her time and attention." - Emily Schnoor ( Equine Canada national silver medal recipient 2019 for her successful show season at 2nd level)

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